"What the hell am I doing here, and why?"

Readers will be exposed to wild animals and wild people; shady, generous, and lucky individuals; dodgy jurisdictions, revolutions, and war; dangerous, frustrating, and challenging situations; harsh to idyllic work surroundings; and more. 

We hope you will enjoy doing so and, through it, gain an appreciation of what we do, where, how and why as we go about earning a living and trying to find the mineral deposits the
world needs.

Contents of Book

More Rocks In Our Heads

Foreword by Pierpont, Trevor Sykes


The South West Pacific

Andrew Drummond Having The Devil Of A Time In Godzone Country, New Zealand, 1987-1989
Sandy Moyle The Land Of The Unexpected, Papua New Guinea, 1982-2013
Roger Langmead Tales From The South Pacific, Far North Queensland And The Solomons, 1980-1986
Ian Plimer Ruby And Rubbery Rules, Vanuatu, Late 1990s
Stephen Turner A Geologist In Paradise, Fiji, 1983-1984
Roger Marjoribanks An Incident In Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, 1968

South East Asia

Anthony Williamson Lost in Translation, Various Asian, 1982-2010
Ian Mulholland A Zinc Oxide Adventure In Laos, Laos, 2004-2009
Jeff Rayner You’re The Piano Man, Indonesia, 1997

China, Russia And The Former USSR

Ian Mulholland Chinese Burns, Australia and China, 2009
Bob Besley In Search Of The Golden Fleece, Georgia , 1994
John Garlick Getaway In Siberia, Russia, Early 2000s
Michael Fellows Magadan On Mogadon, Russia, 1994
Martin Spence Romanian Rhapsody, Romania, 2013

The Muslim World

Ian Tedder An Infidel In Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, 1979-1980
Jeff Rayner The Cradle Of Gold, Saudi Arabia, 2008
Wilson Forte Revolutionary Rumblings, Iran,1977-1978
John Nethery Tourist! Tourist!, Turkey , 1987
Greg Ambrose Working For Gaddafi, Libya, 1992-1997
John Hammond A Helicopter Gunship In The Karatau Range, Kazakhstan, 1997-1999
Mike Kitney “She’s Apples In Central Asia, Mate”, Tajikistan, 1997
Ralph Stagg “I Will Not Shoot My Fellow Citizens”, Tunisia, 2005-2013

Sub-Saharan Africa

Max de Vietri A Horror Story Of People You Don’t Want To Meet, West Africa, Early 1980s
Roger Thomson Oh No! Manono, Zimbabwe and Zambia, 1981
Dan Greig Finishing School, Zambia, 1969-1970
Andrew Drummond Eating My Words, Namibia, 1997 and 2010-2012
Mort Cowan Real Men Don’t Need Visas, West Africa, Late 1990s
Mark Hughes Humility In Botswana, Botswana, 2001
Cyril Geach Africa – East and West, Various Africa, 1993-2010

The Americas And Beyond

Brian Levet Ambush In Peru , Peru, 1992
Neil Stuart The Cerro Negro Story, Argentina, 2000-2007
Lynda Frewer What – No Piranhas? Venezuela, 1992
Jason Beckton The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre – For Real, Mexico, 2004-2006 and 2015-2017
Ken Russell “The World Is Your Oyster, Son”, Various
Phil Fillis Biggles Goes Exploring, Various