MORE Rocks In Our Heads

The eagerly awaited sequel to Rocks In Our Heads (2021)

Even more extraordinary stories from adventurous Australian-domiciled geologists as told in their own words.  

New life experiences, new contributors, new exotic global adventures as shared by intrepid explorers.

Foreword by the legendary Pierpont 

Review by Gold Mining Journal

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32 Geologists and a Metallurgist share 35 true tales from their global adventures

Inside This Book

The World’s growing population and affluence requires exponential growth in mineral production. 

Add the political decisions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the change to electric vehicles and the drive to produce so-called renewable energy; and now the likelihood of long-term decreased availability of mined product from the Ukraine and Russia, the mining industry is tasked with a huge burden. And much new production will need to come from the underdeveloped and Third World countries of the planet.

The pointy end of the industry comprises geologists. This book contains stories from them who are all Western trained and most live in Australia. They share their experiences of working in these challenging countries.

As well as presenting an inherently interesting, enjoyable, thought-provoking and non-technical collection of yarns, the reader will gain an appreciation of the fundamental role of geologists in the industry, as well as a better understanding of the difficulties facing them and their employers, and hence the future World.

Review by Ross Louthean

Review from the original
Rocks In Our Heads